Dear Spiritual
Nonconformist, here's what
I want you to know...

Everything they told you about God is wrong.

God is not a white man in heaven.

God is not out there, beyond reach.

God is not judging you.

God is not condemning you for being gay, transgender, black, or brown.

God is gay, transgender, black and brown.

And everything in between.

And then some. And more.


God is infinite and never-ending.

God is everywhere present and all-knowing.

God is everything.

God is you.


Unleash the God-Force, God-Love, and God-Intelligence within.

Reclaim your power.

Answer that Calling.

Do your Good in the world.

Be the presence of God. 

Dammit, we need you.


Because when you are the Presence of God, you are the presence of love, power, and justice.

When you are the Presence of God:

You cannot be a victim

You cannot be poor or powerless

You cannot be ugly or dumb

You cannot tolerate injustice or allow it to continue


Being the Presence of God doesn't mean changing who you are. 

It means being more of who you are. 

This is what I help you do.


Are you a Spiritual Nonconformist?

A Spiritual Nonconformist is:

1. A person who questions deeply the systems that perpetuate oppression, scarcity, oppression, and inequality and refuses to be taken hostage by the cultural conditioning of the day

2. One who seeks universal, spiritual truth while at the same time challenging and disrupting the status quo

3. A person who regularly rises above self-interest and personal gain and stands in conviction with love and justice

4. A badass motherfucker

Hi, I'm Kat Kim


I serve the Spiritual Nonconformist, the misfit, the misunderstood.  

In other words, the changemaker.

For over ten years I've applied what I know about behavioral change and spiritual transformation to help my clients create radical, nonconformist change in their lives.

My approach is based on Hermetic Philosophy, New Thought teachings, and the wisdom passed down through the ages by Buddha, Jesus Christ, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

(And Chomsky. Can't forget Chomsky.)


But once upon a time, I was a convicted drug offender facing three years in state prison.

Chronically overweight and addicted to drugs, alcohol, and abusive relationships, I lived in the shadows of shame. Society brushed me to the side and agreed that I didn’t belong.

I was ugly, invisible, and unwanted.

But something told me otherwise, and I listened.

I’m not supposed to fit in.

I’m supposed to carve my own path.

Define my own beliefs.

Master my own superpowers.

Something told me I was a badass motherfucker, and I bet you are too.


You don’t need the type of confidence that comes from fitting in

You need an unshakeable faith in knowing who you are and what you’re here to do.

The reason you may not feel confident is because you don’t fit the existing order.

And spiritual nonconformists never do.

It's time to deprogram the cultural conditioning that's convinced us we're powerless and dismantle the flawed and insidious belief that we must change ourselves--or conform--or buy something--in order to be ok.

It’s time to reclaim our power and develop the social consciousness that's necessary to propel humanity forward while at the same creating the epic life of our dreams.

And this is our work, together.


Long bio short...

Kat Kim is an international spiritual teacher, workshop leader, and founder of The School of Divine Confidence, an online program that offers spiritual training and confidence coaching to nonconformist spiritual seekers, misfits, and emerging leaders who are ready to come out of hiding and reclaim their confidence and personal power.

As a former crack addict and convicted drug offender facing three years in state prison, Kat battled addiction, abuse, and depression to come out on the other side. Her inspiring transformation and work with real people worldwide has landed her on set with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a contributing coach and mentor on his motivational reality TV show called Wake Up Call that aired nationally on TNT. She was also a 2014 finalist in the New York Television Festival’s Lifetime Unscripted Development Pipeline to be chosen for a reality show following her life as a successful Seattle entrepreneur. Today, Kat continues to impact thousands of people by using her bold and unconventional presence and powerfully inspiring stories to help people build unshakeable confidence in knowing who they are, and what they’re here to do.

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